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Madison Ave Maria

Well that was quite a 48 hours.

That is in reference to Maria Sharapova and her very well publicized and now very brief visit to New York that saw her make headlines around the world not once, but twice, for very different news. But after the media whirlwind dies down, we’re still not sure what is next for the former US Open champion who finds herself watching this year’s event from the sidelines. Continue reading


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Bode Miller Set For U.S. Open after Winter Olympics.

Bode Miller

Bode Miller, the World Cup champion skier who hopes to win an elusive gold medal at this year’s Vancouver Winter Olympics, has set his sights on another prestigious sporting event – the U.S. Open.

Miller has teamed up with the United States Tennis Association to promote the U.S. Open National Playoffs which expands the reach of the Grand Slam event by allowing anyone the chance to compete in regional tournaments starting this April for a spot in the qualifying round of the U.S. Open.
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Serena Slammed with Fine & Probation for U.S. Open Meltdown.

Serena Williams will have to reach into her purse again as part of her U.S. Open meltdown this summer which cost her a $10,000 fine by the USTA and her title.

According to the Guardian the Grand Slam administrator Bill Babcock announced Williams will have to pay another fine of $82,500, a record, and will also endure a “probationary period” at all four Grand Slams during 2010 and 2011. If she causes another “major offense”, the fine would increase to $175,000 and she would be banned from that year’s U.S. Open.

Many fans and members of the tennis world had called for an outright ban of Williams for the upcoming Australian Open as many felt a monetary fine would not be a severe enough penalty for the multimillionaire.

Williams, who is in Barbados for an exhibition, could not be reached for comment.

Personally, even though this fine is still pocket change for Serena, the “probationary period” is a good enough warning to Serena to mind her ways during the upcoming Slams. It will be interesting to see how the media will treat Serena next year and if they will continue to bring up the story even if Serena minds her manners all year.

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Is Mauresmo Retiring? Maybe.

Amelie Mauresmo, has ended her season as of today and is mulling retirement according to her website.

Mauresmo, currently ranked 20th, has not played or practiced since her second round loss to Aleksandra Wozniack in the U.S. Open.

I remember watching that match and thinking how blase Mauresmo looked throughout it. She did play well in New Haven the week before but since the U.S. Open she pulled out of all the Asian tournaments which is never a good sign.

And if you go on the WTA’s site and try to look up Mauresmo on their “featured players” area, she doesn’t show up. You have to type in her name to pull up her profile. Does the WTA know something we don’t?

Of course the word “retirement” as we all know can mean many things. But Amelie has always been one of those mercurial players that never quite lived up to her potential despite winning Wimbledon and Australia and being number one. If she were to retire, I can’t see her coming back ala Henin.

However I do think she should try and stick it out for one more year and see how it goes. Mauresmo’s style of play is refreshing in a sea of grunting two-handed backhands and would be missed.

Bon Chance Amelie!


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Fed Fined for Un”GOAT”like Behavior at Open

According to the BBC, Roger Federer was fined $1,500 for unleashing the “S” bomb on live tv during his match against Juan Marin Del Potro in the U.S. Open Men’s Final.

Federer, unhappy with the fact that Del Potro took too long to request a challenge, got into an argument with the chair umpire who at one point told Federer to “be quiet” which prompted the outburst.

The BBC also listed other offenders who got fined during the event including Vera Zvonareva and Daniel Koellerer for obscenities, Daniel Neston who got tagged with a $3,000 fine for unsportsmanlike conduct towards a fan and finally, and the most obvious, Serena Williams for her meltdown during her semifinal.

One wonders that when Fed hits thirty if he will morph into the “cranky old guy” upset that all the young punks have started to pass him by.

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