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Open and Close

The 2016 US Open opened with a new roof over Arthur Ashe Stadium and closed two weeks later with two new singles champions. With neither top seed claiming the title, and with at least one Number One ranking changing hands, the question remains if this is the start of a new era, or merely a brief time out in what has been almost near domination by two of the sport’s biggest stars.

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Raising The Roof

The US Open starts next week. The last major of the season is looking ahead to the future with a mixture of excitement and perhaps, reluctance. While the long awaited and much needed roof over Arthur Ashe Stadium is now in place ready for use, New York’s favorite player won’t be there to play underneath it. Continue reading

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Highlights and Aces – The Best of Tennis 2015


Since the clock is close to running out on 2015, here’s a very quick look back at the players and moments that stood out to me the most this year. Continue reading

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Grazie Flavia.


So like many tennis fans, I planned to be at the final Saturday of the US Open thinking that I’d see Serena Williams not only defend her US Open title, but also complete the rare calendar Grand Slam. Despite yet another up and down two weeks of emotions, three set matches and battling past her own sister Venus, the World No. 1 looked certain to complete her quest. So long as she kept her nerves together.

But then I got an unexpected surprise. Continue reading

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2014 US Open Review: Fortune Telling

Fortune telling proved a popular activity for many during this year’s US Open. Many players, fans, and media took up as much time proclaiming with certainty the future of tennis as they did participating/watching/covering the actual tournament itself. But when all was said and done, did the final results actually show us the future to come, or prove instead that the future is now? Continue reading

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US Open Men’s Preview: Opportunity of a Lifetime?

“The report of my death was an exaggeration.” – Mark Twain

Just around this time last year, the tennis obituary for Roger Federer was almost printed. His one-sided loss to Tommy Robredo in the US Open fourth round had many nodding in agreement, that yes, this was the beginning of the end of the great Federer’s career and his days contending for Grand Slams was over.

That Federer now enters the last major of this year as the favorite for many makes those earlier pronouncements of last rites for the Swiss star’s career look presumptuous, or perhaps, just plain foolhardy. Continue reading

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2011 U.S. Open Review: Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oy Ey Vey!

This is late, but hey I think everyone needed a few days to get over what truly was one of the most eventful if not bizarre U.S. Opens in recent memory. When Hurricane Irene rolled through the Northeast the weekend before the start of the event, tournament organizers literally chained down equipment, furniture and stages used throughout the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center. And while the facility thankfully survived intact, a perfect storm of controversy plus more bad weather may have caused more damage than just the physical cracks in Armstrong Stadium. Continue reading

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