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Highlights and Aces: The Best of Tennis – 2016

2016 in the tennis world was a year full of change and surprise. Here’s a quick look back at those players and highlights that stood out the most in this most memorable of years.

Top of the Charts

2016 was indeed a year of change including at the top of the tennis rankings. With breakthough, and career changing seasons, Angelique Kerber and Andy Murray closed out the year both as year-end No.1s.

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Should Davis Cup Emulate the World Cup To Boost Interest?

While most of the sports world was focused on the final of the World Cup and rightly so, many tennis fans still might have kept one eye on the results of the quarterfinal round of Davis Cup which saw a historic win for France over Spain along with wins by Argentina, Czech Republic and Serbia which entered its first ever Davis Cup semifinal. But while I watched the sold out crowd at the Zenith Grande Halle d’Auvergne in Clermont-Ferrand cheer on their French team to victory, I wondered if tennis should look to football’s biggest event as a way to gain back some of its former glory that’s been lost over the last few years. Continue reading


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Why Do So Few in the U.S. Care About Davis Cup?

Even with a record turnout a few years ago in Birmingham, Alabama for the Davis Cup tie between the U.S and Switzerland and complete coverage by the Tennis Channel of this week’s tie between Serbia and the U.S., I can guarantee you that, aside from real die-hard fans, few in the U.S. will pay attention to the scores. And I’m one of them.

Why is that?

When I recently interviewed International Tennis Hall of Fame inductee Owen Davidson, himself a member of five winning Australian Davis Cup teams, he expressed something which I’ve felt for a long time Continue reading

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