Roddick Comment on Kyrgios Sparks Twitter Debate (at least on my timeline)

Former US Open Champion and World No. 1 Andy Roddick returned to live tennis commentary via Periscope. While Roddick commentated on both the Serena Williams/Vania King and Juan Martin del Potro/Steve Johnson second round matches, it was a comment he made when answering a question about Nick Kyrgios that generated a lot of response, at least on my own Twitter response timeline after I posted the comment.

While I don’t remember the actual question, this is what Roddick said about Kyrgios.


After posting this, I received many responses to it. Debates about Kyrgios and his personality are nothing new.

The volatile Australian is viewed by many as a future mega star of the tour. He was recently given a cover story in New York Times Magazine. Kyrgios’ future in the sport though is somewhat in doubt, even my his own admission. Kyrgios recently said during a Twitter Q&A that if he won the US Open he would disappear from the sport forever.

While many people disagreed with Roddick’s view, the fact that so many chose to comment at all may ultimately prove his initial point. While one can disagree if Kyrgios is actually good for the sport, the fact that so many who said that they actively avoid his matches chose to say something, says a lot about Kyrgios, not so much as a player, but as a personality in the game despite not yet having won a major. Kyrgios creates reaction, even when not asked for, and that is what Roddick feels is beneficial for a sport that often has to compete for attention among so many others.

Here’s a sample of the reactions I received from Roddick’s comment.










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