Djokovic – Career Important, New Family Even More

Novak Djokovic 2015 WSJ. Magazine

Novak Djokovic still wants to stay No. 1 and win Grand Slams. But his new family life has made him see his remarkable career with a new perspective.

That and more is revealed in a new interview with Djokovic in WSJ. Magazine that hits newsstands Saturday, March 7th.

Below are a few of the notable quotes from Djokovic in the lengthy story written by Tom Perrotta for the March Men’s Style issue.

The best way to react when losing a match: “When the last point is done, we are humans. Give your opponent a hug and say, ‘Great fight,’ and that’s all.”

How he wants to be remembered: “For me it’s more important for [people] to remember me as a human being, as somebody that has carried himself in the right way in every aspect of his tennis career. There’s more to it than just winning a trophy.”

His infant son Stefan’s reaction to seeing Novak on FaceTime: “He reacted and smiled at my voice, which was phenomenal. Not even three months! Advanced boy—we’re trying to make him as intellectual as possible.”

Family being his number one priority: “Up to a few years ago, tennis was more or less everything that I wanted to focus on. I still have the same approach to tennis, the same motivation to win Grand Slams, to still stay No. 1 of the world, but with a different philosophy. Just a different way of understanding things in life.”

Read the story here.

Photo by Maciek Kobielski for WSJ. Magazine


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