Protein is Essential for Post-Match Recovery.

Whether on or off the court, protein plays an important part in any tennis player’s diet. Necessary to maintain and grow muscle, protein can be found in many forms including in meat, fish, vegetables and in supplements.

While most people should only consume between 10% to 15% of protein in their total diet, it is recommended that active tennis players consume some form of protein at least 30 minutes after a match to aid in recovery and prevent muscles loss.

According to the ITF Tennis site, “Protein consists of polymers of amino acids, the building blocks of all proteins. Some of these amino acids are considered essential, meaning that the body cannot synthesize them, and therefore must be obtained from the diet. Protein is used as an energy source when the glycogen stores are depleted and exercise is continued at a high intensity level.”

In a recent article published by ” Dr. Richard Kreider in the Physician and Sports Medicine Journal, Dr. Kreider discussed recent studies confirming the benefits of protein intake for athletes by saying, “…recent evidence indicates that ingesting protein and/or amino acids prior to, during, and/or following exercise can enhance recovery, immune function, and growth and maintenance of lean body mass. Consequently, protein and amino acid supplements can serve as a convenient way to ensure a timely and/or adequate intake for athletes. Finally, adequate intake and appropriate timing of protein ingestion has been shown to be beneficial in multiple exercise modes, including endurance, anaerobic, and strength exercise.”

Consuming protein in your favorite drink is a great way to quickly get the protein you need after a match or a strenuous workout. NutritionFix offers a variety of protein supplements to meet your needs.

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