Tomic’s Infamous Roadster Clunks Out at Auction.

Remember the brouhaha Australian tennis star Bernard Tomic caused only a few weeks ago after his standoff with Queensland police about being pulled over for speeding in his orange BMW sportscar? Well Tomic is relying on public transport these days as he put up the now infamous roadster up for auction.

Trouble is, it didn’t sell.

According to Ten News, Tomic’s car, despite receiving wide interest among car dealers and collectors when it was put up on the block, failed to meet its reserve price of $200,000 only netting a final offer of $140,000 from an anonymous bidder.

Negotiations continue to get the hot car off of Tomic’s hands but the possible future Mad Max star has other things on his mind like this week’s upcoming Davis Cup tie between Australia and China and a pending court date for his “hooning” behavior that forced him to withdraw from the San Jose tournament last week.

But don’t expect Tomic to be cruising the streets of Australia anytime soon. He says he’ll never drive down under again as he is planning to live full time now — in France.


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