Serena’s Health Scare Startles Sports World.

Learning that someone close to you just went through a major health scare is not fun. I should know as a member of my immediate family just went through such an ordeal on Monday. Thankfully, they are now fine, but when anyone close to you goes through something like that and you have no power to do anything about it, well you start thinking about a lot of things.

Anyway, like most people this morning, I woke up to the news that Serena Williams herself had just gone through not one but two health emergencies in the span of a week. was the first to report that Williams on Monday was treated for hematoma brought on by a pulmonary embolism she suffered last week. Even though she is now recuperating at home and doing well, the shock of the announcement was later followed by a firestorm of debate on Twitter and elsewhere about how the information was disclosed, who had the right to know about it and, of course, what it all could mean for Williams’s career.

Williams issued the following statement. “Thank you everyone for all of your prayers, concerns, and support. This has been extremely hard, scary, and disappointing. I am doing better, I’m at home now and working with my doctors to keep everything under control. I know I will be okay but am praying and hoping this will all be behind me soon. While I can’t make any promises now on my return, I hope to be back by early summer. That said, my main goal is to make sure I get there safely.”

What disturbed me the most about today’s unfolding of news about Serena’s health and recent treatment was how several sports journalists tried to work in the angle of “what does this all mean for women’s tennis”. Sorry, but today I’m not really concerned about the “state” of women’s tennis without Serena Williams. Williams is “very, very lucky” (those are the words from my mother who is a RN with 50 years of medical experience) that she got through this ordeal alive and this isn’t the time to bring up the now tired debate on the current status of the WTA. Save that discussion for another day.

Will Serena make it back to the tour this summer or even this year? Who knows? All we should be concerned and thankful about right now is that Serena is healthy and alive.

End of story.

Click here to read a statement from Williams and the WTA.


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