Justine Henin Sings & Dances on Belgium TV.

I think I’ve seen it all now.

For those not living in Europe, tennis great Justine Henin put down her racquet and instead put on her dancing shoes all in support of a Belgian non-profit organization CAP48 that raises awareness and funding for people with disabilities. During a televised performance, Henin stepped on stage to sing and dance with a group of a dancers. Who says tennis players don’t know how to work a dance floor?

Henin is no stranger to putting herself in awkward situations for public consumption. During her recent break from the sport, Henin appeared on a Belgium reality show called “The 12 Labors of Justine Henin” where she had to try different tasks and professions, one of them being singing.

Despite have a good laugh at the whole spectacle, I have to give credit to Henin for getting out there and performing especially for a good cause. Too bad she didn’t break in some “Saturday Night Fever” moves considering she wore a white suit. No word yet if Henin plans an appearance on “Dancing with the Stars” but as we all know, she will most likely have an edge in the footwork department.

For more information about CAP48, click here.


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