Will Darren Cahill Be Andy Murray’s New Coach? Not Yet.

After the expected hand wringing and statements of “there’s always next year” ended in the UK after Andy Murray’s semifinal loss to Rafael Nadal at this year’s Wimbledon, rumors started that perhaps Murray was looking to change coaches as a means of finding someway to win his first Grand Slam title. And though everybody’s favorite name of coach-to-be, current ESPN commentator, Darren Cahill, popped up in more than one UK newspaper story, it looks like the rumor was nothing more than that. For now at least.

According to the Scotsman, sources closes to Murray’s camp say the Scot has no plans to sack current coach Miles Maclagan, who along with former pro Alex Corretja, share coaching duties in addition to other physios and trainers that accompany Murray forming more of a “band of mates” on the road rather than a formal coach/pupil relationship. And though many credit this friendly relationship with getting the Scot in better shape and helping him to relax his normally surly disposition, it’s probably his lackluster performance at this year’s Australian Open final against Roger Federer and another disappointing Wimbledon loss that’s fueled these rumors.

The reasoning behind Cahill taking over the gig was that since Cahill works as part of Adidas’s development team which allows Cahill the opportunity to work with all the players under Adidas contracts, Cahill would be given the chance to work with Murray who recently signed a multi-year, multi-million dollar contract with the brand after dumping UK brand Fred Perry last year. That Adidas has sunk so much money into Murray without yet seeing a Slam victory could be the fuel for the Cahill rumors though Chilean Fernando Gonzalez, also sponsored by Adidas, announced in May he would be working with Cahill on a part-time basis.

Considering Gonzalez, another player with loads of talent but also known as a bit of a head case, could be enough work for Cahill who keeps a busy schedule commentating throughout the year would probably negate any chance of Cahill working with Murray. However, if Murray doesn’t either win or reach the finals of the U.S. Open this September, don’t be surprised if Murray and his mates part ways or make some changes soon after. If Murray stumbles again, he might not hear it from his sponsors, but instead could receive a stern wake-up call to make something happen from his first coach, his mom Judy Murray.

Read the Scotsman article here.



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3 responses to “Will Darren Cahill Be Andy Murray’s New Coach? Not Yet.

  1. Would be interesting to see how Cahill and Murray would work together. On a superficial level, they seem like a good fit, but it’s tough to tell.

    I’m not sure, but I don’t know if Murray’s relatively poor performances are due to his coach…

    • tennisfool

      Cahill would be a good strategist but I’m not sure at this point he could make a radical change to Murray’s game. Like Djokovic, Murray is now at a stage where there’s not much else to tinker with. Perhaps he may have to wait, like Roddick, when he’s older for Federer and Nadal to slip a bit before he gets his chance at a Slam. We’ll see.

  2. Murray could so so use him! He might win the Open if he had him.