Did Jankovic Cross the Line With Mock Fist Pump of Ivanovic?

Jelena Jankovic has found herself involved in another online video controversy. Just days after being part of Serena Williams’s “I’m Not Justine” comment at the Italian Open, Jankovic, after winning her match today over Ana Ivanovic at the Madrid Open, was caught by cameras off-court apparently mocking Ivanovic’s now trademark fist pumps.

Original Video– More videos at TinyPic

From the looks of the video, Jankovic appears to be talking to her team and her mother Snezana Jankovic who earlier in the month criticized Ivanovic for not playing in Serbia’s Fed Cup tie versus Slovakia. Whether or not you approve of Jankovic’s actions, the fact that she seems to ignore being on camera is what interests me the most as it appears she doesn’t care. Players have to know their every move on court is being taped. But how they choose to act, even if not in the most appropriate way, is their choice.



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8 responses to “Did Jankovic Cross the Line With Mock Fist Pump of Ivanovic?

  1. Well, I must admit I’ve done a few Ana fist pumps myself – and I always get a huge laugh from my opponents on the public courts. I guess JJ is definitely not fond of Ana. But it definitely was not over the line. Surprising maybe, but not over the line.

  2. Mario

    I thought it was funny.

  3. Runny

    I suppose it’s not over the line (players have done a LOT worse), but I’ve just lost all respect for Jankovic as a player and a person and will never equate her with class or good sportsmanship. First of all, JJ won the match, so no reason for her to be so bitchy. Secondly, you’d think she would have a bit more sympathy and respect for a fellow countrywoman she just defeated, as there aren’t many players from Serbia on the tour, and at this level. It would be nice to see some comradery between them. Thirdly, JJ’s total disregard of the fact that she’s doing this on camera further shows how spiteful and jealous she is and obviously she couldn’t care less if she hurts Ana’s feelings. This type of on-camera behaviour (which is not even a heat-of-the-moment kind of thing like Serena@US Open) from a player of Jankovic’s caliber is immature and inconsiderate.

  4. davetheoldguy

    Ana’s “fist pump” always looks so fake (unlike for instance Sharapova’s) it deserves to be parodied

  5. Ivanovic’s fist pump is so innocuous that it’s hard to believe people make anything of it. It lacks energy and is just a simple movement, compared to so many other players who look like they are in a boxing ring when they do their pumps (think Rafael Nadal). Jankovic’s mockery mostly serves to show what a small person she is. She was also very unkind to Ivanovic when she performed poorly in Fed Cup. I can understand that she was disappointed, but to be critical publicly was certainly bad form. Jankovic’s game is coming back. Ivanovic has a long way to go at this point. Ivanovic would probably never stoop to this kind of behavior. She is more gentle– just like her fist pump.

  6. Luna

    They sooooo deserving each other.

  7. Jess

    Funny !!! (But if I was Ana, I would beat her up in the locker room.) I just wish JJ mocks Sharapova one day, to get back at “Is her last name Jankovic?” thing.

  8. filipe

    I love Ana Ivanovic’s fist pump! And it seems quite natural to me. Jelena has always been criticized by other players! Venus accused her of being coneited, Rezai accused her for her lack of sportmanship. She’s just not a good person PERIOD. She’s arrogant, fake, and she doesn’t play that well. She may have won this match, but her record against Ivanovic is 3-6 still.