Did Serena Say “I’m Not Justine” to Jankovic? You Be The Judge.

The tennis world, and the internet, is abuzz with yesterday’s video replay of the Italian Open semifinal between Serena Williams and Jelena Jankovic, but mostly for what happened after the match.

After Jankovic won 4-6, 6-3, 7-6 (5), Williams came to shake her hand at the net and to apologize for holding her hand up earlier during a Jankovic service game in which Jankovic complained to the umpire that Williams had to play at the server’s pace. It’s hard to tell exactly what Williams said other than she was sorry for holding up her hand and “I would never do that.” But what’s got everybody intrigued is the part where Williams covers her mouth and says, according to those who can read lips through closed fists, “I’m not Justine”.

The fact that Jankovic nods her head after Williams’s comment, for many, seems to confirm the barb at Henin. Whether Williams did or didn’t say it, the quote itself could catch on as tennis players across the world could use it in their defense if they find themselves being accused of bad sportsmanship.



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4 responses to “Did Serena Say “I’m Not Justine” to Jankovic? You Be The Judge.

  1. William

    Nobody has any reason to use a phrase “I’m not Justine” as a way to talk about bad sportsmanship. Henin is actually one of the best sports OUT THERE on those courts. Serena Williams could take a lesson on being a better sport from Justine. You know how they say “The smeller is the feller”? Well you know Serena Williams is always “Smelling” about someone or something, you know why? becuase she’s the GUILTY PARTY, just like yesterday, she deliberately stopped Jelena Jankovic in mid serve, a no no, total gamesmanship, and she did it because she wanted to disrupt Jankovic who likes to serve promptly.. but yeah, you accept her bogus fake stuff at net”oh no I wouldn’t do that to you, Jelena” oh yes, she would do that to Jelena and anyone else if that’s what it took, to win. SO the next time somebody is upset with a player they should say ” I wouldn’t do that to you (take a bathroom break when you are beating me to death, change my racquet in teh middle of your serve game, scream when I hit the ball two feet away from you to startle you before you hit the ball, glare at you like I want to kill you when you are playing well) I’m not SERENA WILLIAMS”

  2. jake

    i just think it was uncalled for to even mention justine’s name, she had no part in their match….

  3. Nathan

    Well, that’s Serena. Elegance, eloquence and humility aren’t her best traits. But Jelena or Justine are not better example than her anyway.

    I disagree if Justine is the best sports out there. Nope. Not at all. Not even close. The best sports out there are Kim Clijsters and Venus Williams. Of course, that’s just my opinion although it’s pretty obvious.

    Remember that Justine is no different than the most egoistic player out there. She said she was tired on Wimbledon trophy ceremony right on the face of Amelie Mauresmo, the champion who let everyone know in humble way that she didn’t like the lame excuse from Justine.

    Don’t forget also that Justine retired in AO Final against her before. Justine NEVER fully credited Amelie for her grand slam wins. I’m glad Amelie won her only two slams by beating this so-called the champion of champions.

    The phrase “I’m not Justine” could be used to defend yourself in these situations:
    1. When you put your hand up during opponent’s serve and accused of cheating.
    2. When you retired in a final of grand slams and you don’t want people to think you’re afraid of being humiliated.
    3. When you finally credit your opponent when it’s due.

  4. Marie

    Serena has/had every right to say what she said, it is true and the whole world knows that justine is a cheat, and to @William all of the above things that you accused Serena of doing is what alot of the others girls do. Why ya’ll are so hard on Serena I don’t know (but then again I do know) . There is one fact about Venus and her sister Serena they do not cheat to win a match. There are so many double standards when it comes to the WTA tour it is a crying shame when WS are confident and have high self belief they are said to be arrogant, but if it is any other girl on tour it it fine, ya’ll need to get over yourselves and accept that the world evolves around more than just a certain certain group of people that think they are superior to others. JESUS LOVES EVERYBODY, ENOUGH SAID AND HAVE A GOOD DAY IF YOU CAN!