Del Potro Confirms Wrist Surgery & Says Other Rumors “False and Malicious”.

In a statement first released through DyN and then reported by the Spanish version of, Juan Martin del Potro finally broke his silence over his ongoing wrist injury while addressing recent rumors of suffering from panic attacks. Del Potro confirmed that during his visit to the Mayo Clinic, Dr. Richard Berger, a noted specialist, recommended surgery on Del Potro’s wrist which will take place today.

“I decided to write because I want them (my fans) to know by my own words of what is happening to me…I wanted to avoid surgery with different treatments, but obviously the injury was more serious.” Del Potro went on to confront the “…circulated false and malicious versions on my mood and my physical condition” and said, “…the bad information not only affects my family, my team and the people who care about me.” Del Potro finally thanked his many fans saying, “…(their) strength will give me great motivation to return.”

The Argentinian star did not say how long his recovery would take or if he would return at all this year. There’s also no word as yet if Del Potro will seek a protected ATP ranking considering the length of time he may be away from the game.

To read the report on, click here, but translation may be needed.


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