Venus Blogs “…it took me 25 years to get cooler.”

Venus Williams is known as being a private person and not the most open or talkative in interviews. So her return to blogging on the WTA site while defending her title in Acapulco this week offers readers some surprising insights into her life on and off the tour.

Aside from discussing her routine and what she likes to eat (apparently a lot of meat), she also goes into her favorite tv shows and how cartoons are a big favorite for everyone in the Williams family.

The real insight for me was Venus talking about her use of social media.

“You may have seen my Facebook or Twitter pages by now. When I was younger, I wasn’t very cool and didn’t really have any friends. I always thought Facebook was where you could connect with people you used to know, and all I ever did was read a lot of books, so I figured it wasn’t for me. I was a nerd. But recently I found out someone started a Facebook fan page for me and so I took it over. And I really like it, it’s fun. Everyone likes Twitter and Facebook. I don’t have any childhood friends on there though… it took me 25 years to get cooler.”

Venus’s sister Serena Williams is well-known for using her twitter account, but Serena’s tweets often have a half-silly tone that define her more open personality. In Venus’s case, social media gives her a way to reach out to fans hungry for information on her life, but with a measure of control that those who enjoy their privacy crave.

Many of us have wondered what both Venus and Serena’s lives were like growing up in Compton as their father molded them into tennis champions. Although Serena Williams came out with her own “autobiography” last year, I have a feeling it may take Venus years after she retires from the game to really put into words what her life has been like. That’s why, for now, we’ll have to rely on her blogging to gain insight into one of the most popular, yet private, sport stars in recent memory.

You can still send Venus a question to answer on her blog by clicking here.


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