Sveta Tweets. But What is She Saying?

Many fans of Svetlana Kuznetsova sometimes wonder what is going in her mind during her matches. Well now you may get some insight as Kuznetsova is the latest pro to tweet her thoughts.

Using her Twitter nickname of SvetlanaK27, we’ve learned she prefers the nickname “Sveta” as opposed to “Kuzzy”, that she gets along well with fellow pro tweeter Serena Williams and what some of her favorite movies and tv shows are. Plus she often has “tweet” exchanges with fellow doubles partner Victoria Azarenka (known as Vika7) and Caroline Wozniacki (CaroWozniacki).

Kuznetsova tweeted that she needs to learn proper English spelling and context which may account for some of the more odd postings she has sent out. (You’ll know which ones I mean). But I think it’s good that Kuznetsova is giving her fans more insight into her life and hopes she keeps it up.

More and more pros are using Twitter as PR and a genuine attempt to connect with their fans. How much they choose to reveal, be it on purpose or by accident, will all depend on how media savvy they are since they have to know that anything they say will immediately show up on a website five minutes later.

For more insight, check out Kuznetsova’s official website though you may need to translate it.


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