Is Mauresmo Retiring? Maybe.

Amelie Mauresmo, has ended her season as of today and is mulling retirement according to her website.

Mauresmo, currently ranked 20th, has not played or practiced since her second round loss to Aleksandra Wozniack in the U.S. Open.

I remember watching that match and thinking how blase Mauresmo looked throughout it. She did play well in New Haven the week before but since the U.S. Open she pulled out of all the Asian tournaments which is never a good sign.

And if you go on the WTA’s site and try to look up Mauresmo on their “featured players” area, she doesn’t show up. You have to type in her name to pull up her profile. Does the WTA know something we don’t?

Of course the word “retirement” as we all know can mean many things. But Amelie has always been one of those mercurial players that never quite lived up to her potential despite winning Wimbledon and Australia and being number one. If she were to retire, I can’t see her coming back ala Henin.

However I do think she should try and stick it out for one more year and see how it goes. Mauresmo’s style of play is refreshing in a sea of grunting two-handed backhands and would be missed.

Bon Chance Amelie!



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3 responses to “Is Mauresmo Retiring? Maybe.

  1. I’ll be sad if Amelie retires like this. Sub par season, pulling outta tournys, and then leaving? Not cool. She is a really refreshing player to watch but I guess if she doesn’t love it anymore than that’s that.

    Will miss her though and hope she does a proper sign off tournament.

  2. Rita Sealy

    I think it is time for Amelie to technically ‘throw in the towel’. She had great potential but could never separate her ‘personal affairs’ from her game. No doubt she could play the game, however, her love life took precedence. And, I also often wondered about her wine fetish, and consumption. Many articles, one last week, was all about her knowledge and collection of wine. She had also looked on ebay for particular wine… Not a good sign, IMO, for a on/off professional…It is sad she didn’t play as she could have. Too much talk of Sylvie and Geraldine, and who knows all others, and combination of wine hobby doesn’t leave much to come to some conclusions about her priorities.. She was fun to watch but was usually more frustrating watching errors and just going thru the motions..the reason she was ‘written off’ the commentator’s list.