Serena’s Poll Numbers Drop. Will New Ad Help?

According to, the “incident” may have cost Serena Williams some public support based on results from the the Davie-Bowie Index. This independent analysis conducted by the brand management and PR agency of the same name looks at how celebrities help create brand influence and purchasing intent based on consumer research.

Based on the latest scores that came in, Serena may have to do some more mea culpas in lieu of her staggered apologies that came out just after the episode. Her “appeal” score dropped eight points from where it was in July while her “trust” and “endorsement” scores dropped five points each.

Obviously the “incident” is still fresh in the public’s mind but since her major sponsors did not drop her, then her status as celebrity endorser should be fine for now. What remains to be seen is how Serena’s post-tennis career as celebrity spokesperson will be impacted, but that will be several years away.

Tomorrow I will take a look at the new Tampax ad featuring Serena. Trust me, it will be fun.


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