Henin Orders New Racquets, Praises Clijsters

Justine Henin, who only a short time ago, said she was “tired” of the game has suddenly found new vigor and requested fourteen new racquets be sent to her post haste, this according to TV Channel RTBF.

Now these racquets could just be for Henin’s upcoming exhibitions later this fall, but you have to think that after seeing Clijsters come in and just sweep away the girls at the U.S. Open that Henin sees “the money on the table” that is just waiting, waiting for her to claim.

For Henin to officially return, she would have to let the WTA know three months in advance before she could appear in a tournament. So an official announcement, especially for the Australian Open, would have to take place in October.

Henin did praise Clijsters for her win saying,

“Dear Kim,

Congratulations with your magnificent victory.
Once again, Jada can be very proud of her mama. Your achievement is just fantastic! Warm applause to you and your whole family.

Best regards,

Whether Henin receives the warm reception Clijsters did remains to be seen but if Henin does comeback, it could only help the WTA which right now needs all the stars it can get.


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