Who Will Win? Who Should Win? U.S. Open Predix

It’s very early but I thought I should go on record as to who I think will win the U.S. Open. I decided to do my predix somewhat like the Oscars since, as we all know, the winner is not always the most deserving. Here we go…

Men’s Singles

Who Will Win – Roger Federer
It’s seems only a few months ago that the Fed Express was in danger of finally derailing. But with the shaky knees of Nadal and Fed’s much needed French Open win, Federer looks unstoppable. I’m not saying he won’t face a stiff test, possibly from Andy Murray in the finals, but this feel’s like Fed’s year. Again.

Who Should Win – Andy Roddick
Yes he may have to face Federer in the semis and figure out a way to win, but with the U.S. crowd behind Roddick even more than ever, if Roddick is ever going to win another Slam, he couldn’t have picked a better time.

Women’s Singles

Who Will Win – Serena Williams

Serena always finds a way to win a Slam. She might have to face down Venus in the semis or Dementieva in the finals, but Serena is still the best women’s player in the world.

Who Should Win – Elena Dementieva

Dementieva has long had the shots, but her shaky serve and nerves have been her undoing in the past. But this summer she’s looked unstoppable. Someone will have to play very good tennis to take the title from her.

Surprises to look for

It’s not surprise that Kim Clijsters is the darkhorse for the Women’s side. If she can get through the early rounds and possibly face Venus in the quarters, look out. For the men, pay attention to Juan Martin Del Potro. If his stamina holds up, he will be tough to beat. And if can get that atomic forehand of his cranking, look for him to sweep away everybody.


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