Is J.J Back? Will Safina Ever Win a Major?

I didn’t watch yesterday’s women’s final in Cincinnati but the result didn’t surprise. For some reason, I just saw Jelena Jankovic pulling out a win. She defeated Dinara Safina 6-4, 6-2.

J.J. played well but in the video highlights it didn’t look like Safina helped her cause with another lackluster performance in a big final. J.J did well to win her match with such ease after the long slugfest she had against Elena Dementieva the night before in the semis.

What does all this mean for the U.S. Open? Probably not much. The ladies make their way to Toronto while the guys head down to Cincinnati. Another reason they should combine both these tournaments if just to give the fans more players for their money.

Here’s a link to J.J. talking about the match.


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