Wimbledon 2009 Wrap Up

What a Wimbledon. Even with Rafael Nadal not being able to play, there was still plenty of surprises and the usual trends to watch.

Now you see her, now you “Dinara”.

No one on the WTA tour, even Serena Williams will disagree that Dinara Safina is the number one player on tour. But in her match against Venus Williams, Safina didn’t even play. Consistency is to be admired, but if she doesn’t win the U.S. Open, the WTA tour rankings systems will be a joke.

Is Sharapova back?

Maria Sharapova, despite a good run at the French Open, still looks vulnerable with her shoulder injury. Although she is looking better, one wonders if she will ever make it back to the top of the game.

Dementieva gets the Roddick award

Elena Dementieva gets my “Roddick” award for playing with true guts and smart tactics despite losing to Serena Williams. In a match everyone thought would be a blow out, Dementieva forced Serena to play a really good volley while Serena was match point down. Dementieva’s serve has also improved tremendously and she will be a contender for the U.S. Open.

Please. More Online Tennis Matches.

NBC Sports is to be commended for the serious upgrade in their online video offerings of this year’s tournament. Not only could you watch NBC simulcast in HD, but even better, one could watch BBC coverage of the tournament which I found even more satisfying. Despite a brief glitch during the men’s final when about fifteen minutes of the final set was not viewable, I sincerely hope that this trend continues not just for Wimbledon but all the major tourneys going forward.

Tennis needs Nadal.

Despite all the drama of this year’s men’s final, last year’s between Federer and Nadal is still the greatest. Tennis needs Nadal to be healthy and back in the game if only to push the “the king” to perhaps an even higher level.

Serena – The Greatest?

Somewhat overshadowed by Federer’s 15th win was Serena Williams third Wimbledon win. When she wants to play her best, no one can beat her. Look for Serena to repeat as U.S. Open champ and truly claim status as the number one player by end of year.

Venus – Home Court Advantage?

Despite her loss to Serena, Venus is probably still the greatest grass court champion of her generation. But lately, the big W is the only Slam where she shines. If Venus is to finish out her career on a legendary status, she needs to win one more U.S. Open ala Pete Sampras, to make up for her lack of success at the French and Australian Opens.

Roddick – Onwards

Roddick’s journey through the Championships was something to watch. Here’s hoping he can absorb that loss in the finals and use it to propel him to the next part of his career. He will win another Slam.

(corrected on July 8th, 2008)


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