Federer vs. Roddick – A Legend and a Hero

There’s not much to say that hasn’t already been said about the epic Wimbledon men’s final between Roger Federer and Andy Roddick. Federer won his 15th Slam and many feel he is now the greatest tennis player of all time. We can let the history books debate that one, but one thing that cannot be debated is that Andy Roddick has become a hero, not just to tennis fans, but sports fans as well.

Roddick did not lose the match so much as Federer stayed the course and did not wilt under the four hour pressure cooker that Roddick created with his sublime serving and potent all-court game. Federer was just a little better in key points. And that has been the case throughout the pair’s very lopsided 2-19 record.

But if Roddick had won, would he have been satisfied with that and called his career a day? Or, as I think he will and should, realize that he is now a contender in Slams again, something unheard of last year. The New York crowd for the U.S. Open will be solidly behind him. And only at age 26, he no doubt has earned many more British fans who will cheer for him as a true fighter.

Can Roddick win another Slam? Yes. Can he win Wimbledon? Yes. No matter what happens, Roddick has earned more respect than he could have ever dreamed of and he certainly deserves it.


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