The Second Life of Lleyton Hewitt

After looking at the draw, I was one of the few I’m sure to predict that Lleyton Hewitt would win against rising star Juan Martin Del Porto. The fact that it took only three sets (6-3, 7-5, 7-5) was somewhat surprising. But since Del Porto was still recovering from his epic semifinal against Federer at the French only a few weeks ago while Hewitt, fresh off a nice run at Queens, the odds that Hewitt would be the fresher were in his favor.

Hewitt, a former Wimbledon champion, reached his peak some would say during the time just before Federer became the dominant player. Always a grinder, Hewitt’s recent injuries and the emergence of even bigger power players like Nadal and Djokvic have forced him to linger at the lower reaches of the top 100.

Hewitt could face Roddick in the quarters, so anything is possible. But the odds are long he will once more be the king of the big “W”. But a nice sentimental run will certainly be fun to watch.


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